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With Panucci, you can play audio books, podcasts and live concerts. It will automatically resume the playback from the position where you stopped last time. Bookmarks are also supported. The interface has elements big enough to be used with your fingers. If you installed support for screen rotation, Panucci does support portrait mode in addition to landscape mode.
2011-08-01 Thomas PerlDebian packaging for 0.99.3 on Fremantlemasterfremantle/panucci_0.99.3
2011-08-01 Thomas PerlDo not set landscape lock on Fremantle
2011-08-01 Thomas PerlFixes to panucci.desktop and for Fremantle
2011-08-01 Thomas PerlRewrite device configuration updater
2011-08-01 Thomas PerlMerge branch 'master' of git://
2011-08-01 Jens Perssonadded VolumeControl.qml
2011-08-01 Thomas PerlMerge branch 'master' of git://
2011-07-27 Jens Perssonadded script
2011-07-21 Jens Perssonfixed support for wired headsets to qml
2011-07-20 Jens Perssonadded support for headset button in the settings dialog...
2011-07-20 Jens Perssondetect harmattan as maemo
2011-07-20 Jens Perssonfixed headset support to qml
2011-07-19 Jens Perssonfixed bug with dual action button
2011-07-19 Jens Perssonadded path for harmattan
2011-07-18 Jens Perssonupdates to qml menu
2011-07-18 Jens Perssonfixed issue with calculating button width
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10 years ago panucci-0.2 The first "stable" version of panucci
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