descriptionail general purpose library
last changeSun, 20 Dec 2009 23:15:14 +0000 (21 00:15 +0100)
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General purpose library which covers basic things ranging from file input/output and string manipulation to HTTP client code and such. External dependencies: boost, zlib, bzip2
2009-12-20 voidAdded random_realmaster
2009-11-30 voidThis HTTP client really lacks keep-alive
2009-11-24 voidAdded boolean functions to the configuration reader
2009-11-23 voidEnhanced the build script
2009-11-22 voidFixed timestamps
2009-11-22 voidFixed a missing semicolon for the Linux version
2009-11-22 voidMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2009-11-22 voidAdd dynamic library support for POSIX
2009-11-22 voidGreatly enhanced the build script
2009-11-13 voidMinor BMP fix
2009-11-13 voidReplaced the SCons building system with a more primitiv...
2009-11-13 voidThis is a disaster, SCons is annoying the shit out...
2009-11-13 voidail now builds on Linux
2009-11-13 voidFixed the build script, trying to make the code compile...
2009-08-23 voidAdded dynamic library loading code
2009-08-22 voidUsing pragma once from now on, working on a dynamic...
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