descriptionSridhar's unix/cygwin dotfiles including emacs lisp
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I no longer update this, instead find me at github -
2009-01-25 Sridhar Ratnakumaruse monospace font for commentsmaster
2009-01-18 Sridhar Ratnakumarframe open functions
2009-01-16 Sridhar Ratnakumarmodified to work with my new Ubuntu installation
2009-01-16 Sridhar Ratnakumaradding emacs settings from Vista
2009-01-16 Sridhar Ratnakumarremoving outdated emacs files (soon to be replaced...
2008-08-14 Sridhar Ratnakumaruse cooper theme -- end of git, I am trying livemesh
2008-08-03 Sridhar RatnakumarMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2008-08-03 Sridhar Ratnakumarload color-theme library
2008-08-02 Sridhar Ratnakumarmerge
2008-08-02 Sridhar Ratnakumaruse tramp for remote editing
2008-08-01 Sridhar Ratnakumarresolve
2008-08-01 Sridhar Ratnakumarmerge
2008-07-31 unknowneon is too dark for my tastes; switch to jsc-light2
2008-07-05 Sridhar RatnakumarMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2008-07-05 Sridhar Ratnakumaradding dotnet, powershell, git elisp..
2008-06-28 Sridhar Ratnakumarfix dynamic scoping access
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