descriptionThe equivalence problem in algebraic models of programs (some results) (in Russian)
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This is my (Ivan Zakharyaschev's) specialist (≈ masters) diploma thesis (in Russian, in the mathematical theory of program analysis):

``The equivalence problem in the models of programs with partially commutative and monotone operators'' (supervisor: Dr. V.A. Zakharov).

Probably, I'll add the sources of more papers of mine on this topic to this repository.

If you'd like something in English, there is an earlier article on this topic in English written together with my supervisor, which presents some of the results of the thesis (a refereed one from conference proceedings): "On the equivalence-checking problem for a model of programs related with multi-tape automata" (DOI).

In the diploma thesis, I didn't concentrate solely on the new results, and in some parts of it, a lot of space is taken up by a kind of introduction to existing theories. (Now I believe that writing in this genre is perhaps not the good way to report new results, but on the other side, writing this way helps understanding the reasons/intuitions behind the formal things.) So becuase of this it perhaps can be reworked into an introduction text on this topic. (So, you could take it and do it.)

I publish it under the terms of GFDL-1.3 or CC-by-SA-3.0 (your choice) for now, except for the included used LaTeX style files taken from elsewhere. (You can ask me personally for other conditions, of course.)

There is a mirror at Gitorious (with a different interface).

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