descriptionA simple, mostly-DevPAC-compatible assembler for the Motorola 68k series of proccessors.
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The goal of this assembler is to eventually not be simply an M68K assembler, but to be relatively easily retargetable. Also, this assembler should be callable from other CL applications, as well as executable as a stand-alone program. The code's not so clean right now, maybe, but I've been using it for various Atari ST projects for a little while now to great personal satisfaction. The a.out object format supported here and by st-linker is not really quite exactly a.out. It's close, though. To build this from scratch, you'll need to do something like: (in the m68k-asm directory)
CL-USER> (asdf:oos 'asdf:load-op :lalr-parser-generator)
CL-USER> (load "m68k-grammar")
CL-USER> (with-open-file (stream "parser.lisp" :direction :output)
            (lalr:make-parser m68k-asm::*m68k-asm-grammar*
                              :package (find-package "M68K-ASSEMBLER")
                              :stream stream))
I'm going to make that a bit cleaner at some point.
2006-02-28 Julian SquiresFixed the new lexer.master
2006-02-27 Julian SquiresFirst stab at (possibly broken) better lexer based...
2006-02-26 Julian SquiresInitial prod towards adding test suite.
2006-01-08 Julian SquiresAdded IFEQ, IFNE conditional compilation pseudo ops.
2005-09-17 Julian SquiresChanged :new-version to :supersede to accomidate sbcl...
2005-08-02 Julian SquiresBrief attempt at fixing macros, unfinished.
2005-07-20 Julian SquiresFixed a bad bug where XDEFs in a section other than...
2005-07-20 Julian SquiresFixed really dumb opcode {emission,omission!} bug....
2005-07-19 Julian SquiresA vast number of cleanups, and rearrangement of code...
2005-07-18 Julian SquiresFixed some dependency fu, et cetera.
2005-07-15 Julian SquiresMinor bug fixes (don't emit relocations for EQU!),...
2005-07-15 Julian SquiresImproved to the point where it compiles Michael's verti...
2005-07-13 Julian SquiresVarious little a.out output-related bugfixes.
2005-07-13 Julian SquiresProper relocation generation. a.out format object...
2005-07-11 Julian SquiresBeginning of move to structures from lists.
2005-07-08 Julian Squiresa.out object file output (mostly).
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