descriptionsmali editor that ports mods and themes across roms and devices
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	authored by pastime1971 and mateor(od)

A smali patcher that ports mods and themes across roms and devices. Extracts, decompiles/unpacks, patches, recompiles/repack, and outputs a flashable zip.

Requirements for execution
   -jdk, cpio, patch

Designed to run on Linux, OSX and Windows (using Cygwin)

The main script expects the patches and patch_tools folders to be compressed. pastime has whipped up a script that gets you ready to use the program:


For usage and patch availability, place a into this directory and try

$./auto_patcher <ROMNAME>.zip -h

This will check our various dependancies and provide some useful information.
To patch a ROM, 
$./auto_patcher <ROMNAME>.zip <MODTYPE> <ROMTYPE> <PATCHDATE>

   * ROMNAME is the literal name of the Rom.
   * MODTYPE would be a list of offered mods (as seen in the -h menu), separated by 
	commas and NO SPACES.
   * ROMTYPE is cm7,cm9,cm10,aokp,aokp-jb,aosp or aosp-jb.
   * PATCHDATE is the date the patch was made, pick the one right before your build 
	date from the available patches.

$./auto_patcher pdroid,v6supercharger cm10 20120824

See our thread on XDA:

If you are a developer who has a mod you would like supported, you can email me at the 
address registered here at github or pm either of us on XDA.

We can support changes to boot.img, system.jars, apks and copy over files and/or img's!

Pull requests are treasured!
2013-08-20 MateorUpdate PA-jellybean-legacy patchesgh-116-functionalizemaster
2013-08-20 MateorChange the Cygwin patch.exe manifest rules
2013-08-17 MateorMerge branch 'master' of
2013-08-17 MateorAdd framework2 to cm patches to support temasek builds...
2013-08-15 Chris CalderFix tabletUI for CM10.1 and CM10.2 recent nightlies.
2013-08-13 MateorChange CM10 files.txt to reflect the baksmali use for...
2013-08-13 MateorAdd remade Mms.apk patch to Cm10
2013-08-11 mateorMerge pull request #145 from Urinophoria/master
2013-08-11 UrinophoriaAdded slim patches, and "latest" symlink. incremented...
2013-08-11 MateorWhoops. We forgot to version up.
2013-08-11 MateorAdd 'latest' folder for aosp-ever
2013-08-11 mateorMerge pull request #144 from Urinophoria/master
2013-08-11 UrinophoriaTEST
2013-08-10 UrinophoriaAdd PA support for OPD
2013-08-10 MateorReenable the ability to specify PATCH_DATE manually...
2013-08-10 MateorUpdate "provisionals" for 4.3
5 years ago v2.6.0 Auto-Patcher v2.6.0
5 years ago v2.5.0 Auto-Patcher v2.5.0
6 years ago v2.4.0 Auto-Patcherv2.4.0
6 years ago v2.3.0 Auto-Patcherv2.3.0
6 years ago v2.2.0 Auto-Patcherv2.2.0 signed&tagged
6 years ago v2.1.0 Auto-Patcherv2.1.0 signed release
6 years ago v2.0.0 Bismuth
5 years ago master
5 years ago gh-116-functionalize
5 years ago gh-106-swap-ls-find
5 years ago batchsh-mods
5 years ago gh-108-backticks
5 years ago osx-readlink-error
5 years ago apk-test2
5 years ago apk-rebuild
5 years ago slim
5 years ago tabletUI
5 years ago hidden
5 years ago 2.2
5 years ago 2.3
5 years ago clean
6 years ago 2.1
6 years ago 2.0