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FFMpeg-mirror/DVCPRO-HD.git An experimental fork of FFmpeg project for... rvs@sun.com 12 years ago
FFMpeg-mirror/ffmpeg-ajc30.git Alex Converse's public FFmpeg staging branch alex.converse@gmail.com 12 years ago
FFMpeg-mirror/ffmpeg-vdpau.git VDPAU for FFmpeg alex.converse@gmail.com 12 years ago
FFMpeg-mirror/lagarith.git ffmpeg Lagarith lossless decoder saintdev@gmail.com 11 years ago
FFMpeg-mirror/mplayer-patches.git A couple of patches to make building with... uoti.urpala@pp1... 8 years ago
FFMpeg-mirror/ordered_chapters.git ffmpeg with support for matroska ordered... wyskas@gmail.com 10 years ago