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This import is updated periodically.

At the moment, it has processed at least up to SVN r22544 (1 Feb 2008).

2008-02-01 Matt HandleyNow, groups can retrieve a list of the contacts in... trunk
2008-02-01 Matt HandleyAdded contact groups to adium's applescript dictionary.
2008-02-01 Evan SchoenbergNo need for these arrays (which I added while hunting...
2008-02-01 Evan SchoenbergLog the group and container if we fail to write out...
2008-02-01 Evan SchoenbergDon't use an `NSNumber` key in a dictionary which will...
2008-02-01 Evan SchoenbergAdded `-[NSArray validateAsPropertyList]` and `-[NSDict...
2008-02-01 Peter HoseyRan all of the new PNG versions of MSN emoticons throug...
2008-02-01 Evan SchoenbergThe accounts menu now distinguishes accounts which...
2008-02-01 Evan SchoenbergConverted these images to PNG, saving a handful of...
2008-01-31 Evan SchoenbergRemoved references to AIDockingPanel which I accidental...
2008-01-30 Evan SchoenbergPut NSAutoreleasePool usage around other distributed...
2008-01-30 Evan SchoenbergWhen we receive a distributed notification, any objects...
2008-01-30 Evan SchoenbergAdded 10.5 firewall instructions. Fixes #8606
2008-01-30 Evan Schoenberg`PSMTabBarControl.framework` [250], which fixes a crash...
2008-01-30 Evan SchoenbergFixed copying of fr_CA localization files, some of...
2008-01-30 Evan SchoenbergFixed bundle identifier
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