descriptionElisp installer for emacs
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There are other package installers and there is "autoload.el", bundled with emacs. Why use elinstall? Because: * It works with my-site-start (which I highly recommend) * It supports slash-style paths, like : (require 'emtest/testhelp/tagnames) * Unlike autoload.el, it can also set up load-path and Info-default-directory-list (that's like load-path for info files) * Unlike some other installers, it works with canonical loaddefs.el-style autoload files. * Unlike other installers, what you install doesn't have to be pre-packaged, and there are no restrictions on what means you can use to get the elisp files - elinstall doesn't care, it obeys the motto "do one thing well". But it also works well for packages. * Because internally it works in articulated stages, it's easier to hack and extend than autoload.el
2011-01-11 Tom Breton... Bugfix: Place load-path statements at the beginning... master
2011-01-10 Tom Breton... elinstall-symlink-on-emacs-start now can accept slashed...
2011-01-09 Tom Breton... Changed comments
2011-01-09 Tom Breton... Make directory for symlinks if it doesn't exist
2011-01-09 Tom Breton... Changed where test require points
2010-12-24 Tom Breton... Deprecated calling elinstall-arrange-preload explicitly
2010-12-24 Tom Breton... Let `elinstall-x' shortcut when no work will be done.
2010-12-24 Tom Breton... New functions elinstall-get-restraint, elinstall-procee...
2010-12-24 Tom Breton... Bugfix: `preload-compile' should be `preload' Changed...
2010-12-24 Tom Breton... Fixed reversed logic in byte-compile's call to elinstal...
2010-12-24 Tom Breton... Removed all the `force' parameters
2010-12-24 Tom Breton... Removed an obsolete `force' argument. Changed comments.
2010-12-24 Tom Breton... Rearranged elinstall-actions-for-source-file, can corre...
2010-12-24 Tom Breton... Check elinstall-proceed-p and *.el filename before...
2010-12-24 Tom Breton... Check elinstall-proceed-p before making symlinks
2010-12-24 Tom Breton... Changed comments
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