descriptionPhysical session environment accessible within screen
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screenenv is a simple gadget to be used together with GNU Screen. It will make applications running within screen see some environment variables from the currently active screen client, not based on the first attached screen client. This enables applications to use the appropriate X display, SSH agent forwarding settings, etc.

Consider the situation: You have a screen session, originally started on a local desktop; later, you attach it over ssh as well (with X forwarding enabled). Now you do your happy mutt mail-reading, but stumble over an image attachment. If you try to open it over ssh, the picture will show up on your local display, not the ssh-forwarded one.

But if you preload screenenv, applications trying to use X will automatically choose the appropriate $DISPLAY based on the session with the least idle time!

2010-07-03 Petr BaudisAvoid getenv() - dlsym() - calloc() - getenv() racemaster
2010-07-03 Petr BaudisDisable SSH_AUTH_SOCK forwarding by default
2009-07-02 Petr Baudisloadenv(): Explain why is it stupid
2009-07-02 Petr BaudisDon't crash in case of no $TERM set
2009-06-09 Petr BaudisInitial commit - v0.1screenenv-0.1
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