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aCal is licensed under the GNU GPL.

aCal also uses the dnsjava library for doing DNS lookups for SRV records.  This library
which is licensed under the BSD license is available at

Andrew McMillan
2013-10-21 Andrew McMillanLanguage updates, including new translation to Slovakianmaster
2013-10-21 Andrew McMillanCorrectly handle utf-8 characters in upgrade notes...
2013-10-18 Andrew McMillanWhen it is unconfigured allow for restore of saved...
2013-10-18 Andrew McMillanAdd README noting source of the DNSJava library.
2013-10-18 Andrew McMillanUpdated translations.
2013-09-24 Andrew McMillanAdd proguard-project.txt file for local customisations...
2013-09-24 Damien DegoisAdded option to select system default ringtone
2013-09-24 Andrew McMillanRemove noise.
2013-09-23 Andrew McMillanRelease 1.63r1.63
2013-09-23 Andrew McMillanStrings changes from new translations.
2013-09-23 Andrew McMillanChanges to recording of translators.
2013-09-23 Andrew McMillanAn initial translation into Turkish.
2013-09-23 Andrew McMillanUpdated Deutsch translation.
2013-09-23 Andrew McMillanThe start of an Arabic translation.
2013-09-23 Andrew McMillanImprove normal release build logging of PUT / DELETE...
2013-09-23 Andrew McMillanFormatting changes.
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