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Ego is meant to be a case study for a free alternative to common used multimedia formats in the world wide web (e.g. Flash and Silverlight).

It makes use of the core Efl libraries

The libraries are glued together with the simple, fast and extensible object-description/scripting language Lua

Ego files are actually extended Edje files. In order to compile an Ego file, you start off by packing all your images, fonts and Edje definitions in a common Edje file. Then you code your program in Lua.

With the Ego compiler (ego_cc) you then attach the actual program (Lua scirpt) to the Edje file, which gives you an Ego file. The Lua script is precompiled and saved as byte code for fast execution. You may extract the Lua script with the Ego decompiler (ego_decc).

Once you have your Ego file, you may run it either with the stand-alone player (ego_play) or with the web-browser plugin (libegoplayer).

Ego exports all graphical Evas objects (object, rectangle, image, text, gradient, ...) to Lua with lua-C bindings. Additionally there is direct access to the definitions in the underlying Edje file. Objects and functions are accessible in an object-oriented way.

The main idea behind this is to use Edje for layouting and defining object classes. The layout and the object classes are dynamically controlled with Lua scripting and extensibility is provided by the core Evas objects.

2009-01-26 Hanspeter Portnerfixed X11_softare_info changingmaster
2008-12-09 Hanspeter Portneradded some more macros, showcase as an image viewer...
2008-11-26 Hanspeter Portnerremoved config dialog and added theme support in ego_play
2008-11-24 Hanspeter Portneradded evas object box
2008-11-23 Hanspeter Portnerevas object table functioning
2008-11-23 Hanspeter Portneradded evas table object
2008-11-22 Hanspeter Portneradded file streaming support
2008-11-16 Hanspeter Portneradded elementary layout, clock. prototyped plugin confi...
2008-11-08 Hanspeter Portnerchanged gradient2.c to macro style
2008-11-08 Hanspeter Portneradded ego object as clip to all objects
2008-11-08 Hanspeter Portnerchanged evas.c to macro style
2008-11-08 Hanspeter Portnerchanged edje.c to macro style
2008-11-08 Hanspeter Portnerchanged elementary.c to macro style
2008-11-08 Hanspeter Portnerprototyped C preprocessor macros
2008-11-07 Hanspeter Portneradded 5 levels of sandboxedness
2008-11-07 Hanspeter Portneradded ecore_config dependency
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