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LuaGame Execution Environment
  LuaGame is an environment for executing Lua scripts. It does/will provide a
good amount of the functionality found in SDL, SDL_image, SDL_mixer, and
SDL_ttf. It also provides a subset of the drawing functionality found in

Running LuaGame
  To run a game written for LuaGame, either pass the root directory of the
game data on the command line, or run the executable while in that directory.

    luagame games/some_game
    cd games/some_game; luagame
2008-06-03 Brett LajzerFixed some little errors with the drawing functions.master
2008-05-10 Brett LajzerAdded full-surface alpha and rotaiton and scaling support
2008-05-09 Brett LajzerFirst commit of LuaGame with an OpenGL backend.
2008-04-25 Brett LajzerSome stuff
2008-01-10 Brett LajzerLots of changes. Good number of small fixes. Some new...
2007-10-24 Brett LajzerRemoved SoundEngine. ObjectList can now hold and update...
2007-10-11 Brett LajzerRemoved global physics. Changed "angle" to "heading".
2007-08-22 Brett LajzerSound system is now analgous in operation to the image...
2007-08-18 Brett LajzerFixed oversights in collision code. More sound control.
2007-08-18 Brett LajzerFixed stupid syntax error.
2007-08-18 Brett LajzerNew collision code! Minor doc changes.
2007-08-14 Brett LajzerAdded tutorial. Added TOCs. Added intermediate surface...
2007-07-08 Brett LajzerFixed symlinks. Added quit event to demos.
2007-07-05 Brett LajzerOn-the-fly rotation. Fixed angles.
2007-06-30 Brett LajzerFinished ParticleSystem and delta-animation support.
2007-06-30 Brett LajzerFixed the repo. (Some files were missing).
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