descriptionMarvin is a simple photo viewer and importer.
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Marvin is a simple (and always will be simple) photo viewer and importer.

The main purpouse of marvin is to be compatible with the f-spot
generated collection (the database mainly). Currently is capable of
load the f-spot photo collection, without the tags nor any extra info.

The motivation of make a photo viewer compatible is because I don't
want to write a f-spot replacement (if you don't know it give it a
try), because that's a good software, but requires GLX, something that
currently I don't have, so make crash my machine when some glx
directive raise the unchrome dri bugs.

This software is written with the Python Programming Language and
pygtk (gtk bindings for python).
2008-07-11 Felipe Reyesremoved commented codemaster
2008-07-10 Felipe Reyesadded some comments and the about dialog
2008-07-10 Felipe Reyesadded a menubar
2008-07-10 Felipe Reyesdeleted some print statements used to debug
2008-07-10 Felipe Reyesadded some code to control popup on iconview
2008-07-10 Felipe Reyesadded the ConfigurationManager class to interact with...
2008-07-10 Felipe Reyes[ui] set to multiple selection the iconview of the...
2008-07-09 Felipe Reyes[ui] tweaked some boxes
2008-07-09 Felipe Reyesadded a contextual menu to set the wallpaper
2008-07-09 Felipe Reyesadded locks to handle the threads toavoid segfault...
2008-07-08 Felipe Reyesdeleted blank line
2008-07-08 Felipe Reyes[ui] active by default the copy photos on import
2008-07-08 Felipe Reyes[setup] fixed typo
2008-07-08 Felipe Reyes[setup] tweaked a little the setup script
2008-07-08 Felipe Reyes[license] added the COPYING file of gpl3 or later
2008-07-08 Felipe Reyes[ui] added a min size request of 300 to import dialog
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