descriptionC rendition of Apache Mina, performant network communication layer
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Previous experience with Apache Mina has led me to the view that abstracting IO can enhance performance while making it significantly easier to write protocols.

This library's goals are to use event multiplexing to create performant minimal-threaded socket applications. Minimal-threaded meaning threads are supported, but may not be necessary.

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2008-05-06 harningtOSX compilation fixesmaster
2008-02-27 Thomas Harning JrMoved MemoryDataItem details out of data_item
2008-02-27 Thomas Harning Jrcore: Performed generification of DataItems
2008-02-19 Thomas Harning Jrcore/out_queue: More work on refactoring/dissecting...
2008-02-18 Thomas Harning Jrcore: More type safety and introduction of Output Strat...
2008-02-18 Thomas Harning Jrcore: output_queue -> OutputQueue, etc...
2008-02-16 Thomas Harning Jrtests: Added tests to check requirement of the filter...
2008-02-16 Thomas Harning Jrtests: Added SimpleFilter test ensuring that 'next...
2008-02-16 Thomas Harning Jrtests: made tests and dependent functions static as...
2008-02-16 Thomas Harning Jrtests: Setup a 'check'-based unit test suite (currently...
2008-02-16 Thomas Harning Jrcore/filters: corrected 'pedantic' error
2008-02-16 Thomas Harning Jrcore: data_item(_t) -> DataItem, memory_item(_t) -...
2008-02-16 Thomas Harning Jrcore/filters: renamed internal items for FilterChain
2008-02-16 Thomas Harning Jrcore/filters: adjusted naming specification such that...
2008-02-16 Thomas Harning Jrcore/filters: corrected memory leak in filter_chain
2008-02-16 Thomas Harning Jrtest: Added simple filter_chain test
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