descriptionA tree integrator for asciidoc
last changeSat, 14 Jul 2007 22:01:11 +0000 (14 22:01 +0000)
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A tool to help to integrate multiple .txt files using a subdirectories structure into a single project
2007-07-14 amery * improved makefile mode to make it depend on style... mastergit-svn
2007-07-04 amery * implemented `adtree --mode makefile`
2007-07-03 amery * improved adtree -l to skip files from adtree -d
2007-07-03 amery * changed adtree -d to show $root relative paths
2007-07-03 amery * improved adtree -d to show full paths
2007-07-03 amery * fixed echo functions and implemented deps mode
2007-07-03 amery * implemented list mode on plain, html and makefile...
2007-07-02 amery * added initial adtree program
2007-07-01 amery * added pre-draft README file to adtree
2007-07-01 amery * added GPLv3 COPYING file
2007-07-01 amery * introduced adtree project, to turn a tree populated...
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