descriptionKDEEDU for porting Avogadro
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last changeSat, 5 Apr 2008 22:20:23 +0000 (5 18:20 -0400)
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This projects is used by members of kdeedu and Avogadro to make use of the latest libavogadro in Kalzium.
2008-04-05 Marcus D. HanwellThis might be the "right way" to fix the issue - mark... master
2008-04-05 Marcus D. HanwellAdded the tools back in and also reset the linker flags...
2008-04-05 Marcus D. HanwellReset to the tagged CMakeLists.txt file from upstream...
2008-04-05 Marcus D. HanwellThose changes weren't helping - problem is in -Wl,...
2008-04-05 Marcus D. HanwellTest change - can I push OK?
2008-03-30 Carsten Niehaussome fixes to the cmake files. It still is not working
2008-03-29 Carsten NiehausAnother try to make it build
2008-03-29 Carsten NiehausTrying to build.... Need to port back kde4 related...
2008-03-29 Carsten NiehausPatch to CMake file to use KDE4 stuff
2008-03-29 Carsten NiehausTools is ported
2008-03-29 Carsten Niehausengines directory ported
2008-03-29 Carsten NiehausSyncing libavogadro/src/* with 0.6.1
2008-03-29 Carsten NiehausSyncing the includes with 0.6.1
2008-03-29 Carsten NiehausNo Plasma here
2008-03-29 Carsten NiehausAdding the cmake subdir
2008-03-29 Carsten NiehausMake more work
10 years ago master