descriptione-cidadania is an open source based project to give citizens a way to be heared by their representatives.
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e-cidadania is a project to develop an open source application for citizen
participation, which can be used for debates, proposals, trusted voting,
usable by associations, companies and administrations.

The e-cidadania objective is to provide a way to make a full participation
process on internet, or even use it as a complement to in person participative


Since e-cidadania 0.1.5 we include an automated buildout system. If you want to
install it to do testing or development you should see
`these instructions <>`_

If you don't want to create an isolated development environment:

* Download the source code from git, or from the official webpage.
* You need to install the python packages specified in requirements.txt for
  e-cidadania, you can do it with pip::

    sudo pip install -r requirements.txt

* Configure *src/e_cidadania/settings/* to you desire.
* Set *src/e_cidadania/settings/* DEBUG to False
* Generate the database with::

    python syncdb

* Make all the south migrations::

    pytohn migrate

* Copy all the static files::

    python collectstatic

* Run the development server

    python runserver

**e-cidadania currently supports python 2.7.X. The work for porting to python 3 is on the "python3" branch.**


There is a demo running in the website


**We need developers! If you want to join us, send an email to**

Development and bugtracking is done through ` <>`_

Getting help

 * `Documentation <>`_ e-cidadania documentation.
 * `Mailing lists <>`_ global and local.
 * `Social networks <>`_ where e-cidadania present.
 * `Website <>`_ e-cidadania official website.
 * `IRC channels <>`_ #ecidadania-dev and #ecidadania for e-cidadania.

Useful information

 * `Design concepts <>`_ design concepts, this are the guides to follow when developing.
 * `Releases <>`_ version roadmap. This is where we stablish the features, release dates and other things of every version.


* **Developing** You can take the last code from the repository and experiment with it. When you're done, you can send us a "Merge request". Please check the `How To Contribute <>`_ page.

* **Documenting** Right now the documentation is a bit insufficient. If you want to document e-cidadania, feel free to do it. We use Sphinx (1.1.3) to generate the documents.

* **Translating**  You can contribute translating e-cidadania from its page on `Transifex <>`_. If you need a language that is not available, ask for it from Transifex and we will create it ASAP.

* **Bug reporting** You can report the bugs you find in the application in this trac:
2013-12-07 Oscar CarballalAdded django badgemaster
2013-12-07 Oscar CarballalUpdate readme with python version badge
2013-12-07 Oscar Carballal... Added version badgev0.1.9b2
2013-10-25 Oscar Carballal... Version bump to 0.1.9b2. Added python 3 notice on readme
2013-10-12 Oscar Carballal... Added newrelic agent to the wsgi file
2013-10-12 Oscar Carballal... Added google analytics tracking
2013-10-09 Oscar Carballal... Merge branch 'feature-api'
2013-08-31 Oscar Carballal... Minor updatefeature-api
2013-07-20 Oscar Carballal... Added new urls module por the api
2013-07-20 Oscar Carballal... Added LOGIN_URL parameter
2013-07-20 Oscar Carballal... Modularized
2013-07-20 Oscar Carballal... Merge branch 'master' into feature-api
2013-07-20 Oscar Carballal... Multiple fixes
2013-07-20 Oscar Carballal... Modularized file skeleton
2013-07-19 Oscar Carballal... Started the api modeling
2013-07-19 Oscar Carballal... Added south support and first migration
5 years ago v0.1.9b2
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6 years ago v0.1.8beta
6 years ago v0.1.8-beta
6 years ago v0.1.7beta
7 years ago v0.1.5rc1
7 years ago v0.1.5-beta3
7 years ago v0.1a Version 0.1 alpha
7 years ago v0.1b Version 0.1 beta
5 years ago master
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