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avr-sim is a full featured software simulator for Atmel AVR microcontrollers.
It was primarily designed to simulate all current and hopefully future AVR microcontrollers.

It was designed to behave like the real chip as well as possible, this includes the core,
internal peripherals and the I/O pins. It is therefor possible to create external hardware
and tie them to the chip's pins and test the AVR microcontroller as you would in the real world.

The simulator can be tied with avr-gdb and supports typical debugging features like breakpoints,
disassembling, stepping, inspecting and changing memory, etc

It also allows tracing, analysis using scripts and facilitates in regression testing
2010-01-25 Tom HaberFixed problem in DeviceSettings::strParam, returned... master
2010-01-22 Tom Haberavr: uninitialized value
2010-01-22 Tom Haberatmega162: fixed wrong pin assignment
2010-01-22 Tom Haberavr: Construct the pin table more carefully
2010-01-22 Tom Haberavr: Decoding table no longer static
2010-01-22 Tom Haberavr: fixed some memory leaks
2010-01-22 Tom Haberavr: clockticks missing in long_options
2010-01-22 Tom Haberavr: Flash had wrong documentation about exceptions...
2010-01-22 Tom Haberavr: Fix documentation for Bus
2010-01-22 Tom Haberavr: Memory had wrong documentation about exceptions...
2010-01-22 Tom Haberavr: Trace no longer a singleton
2010-01-22 Tom Habersim: setDividedBreak added to Clock
2010-01-22 Tom Habersim: Clock timings fixed
2010-01-22 Tom HaberMoved the simulation classes to a different namespace
2010-01-22 Tom HaberAllow gdb to read registers from memory
2010-01-22 Tom Haber.gitignore ignores tests and eclipse
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