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2011-03-30 Martin Jansasounds: add COPYING file with CC-BY-SA licensemaster
2009-07-11 Sebastian KrzyszkowiakRemove notify_message.mp3 file
2009-07-11 Sebastian KrzyszkowiakRemove unnecessary LICENCE file (has only information...
2009-07-09 Jan Luebbeartwork: complete sound set
2009-07-08 Michael 'Mickey... artwork: sounds: increase loudness; convert to mono
2009-07-08 Michael 'Mickey... artwork: add new soundset
2009-04-19 Michael 'Mickey... add new ringtone
2009-03-21 Michael 'Mickey... add .gitignore
2008-11-10 Michael 'Mickey... sync background with startup
2008-11-10 Michael 'Mickey... use simple E startup theme to leave some room for the...
2008-11-03 Stefan Schmidtillume-config: Back to 42 as gadget size, as we had...
2008-11-03 Stefan Schmidtillume-theme: correct key for filemanager
2008-11-03 Stefan Schmidtillume-config: Change gadget size back after version...
2008-11-03 Stefan Schmidtillume-config: Bump config version.
2008-11-02 Stefan Schmidtillume-config: Sync with upstream brings in fixes for...
2008-09-10 Stefan SchmidtHigher the shutdown time on power button press. 2 secon...
10 years ago milestone3 framework milest...
10 years ago milestone2 framework releas...
7 years ago master