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Project Description Owner Last Change
awish.git Awish: Avish reborn! (rewriting of old MS... 8 years ago
blobwars-mingw.git A MinGW "port" of Blob Wars, a 2D platform... 13 years ago
couchpytato.git Multimedia-jukebox application written in... 13 years ago
cruel.git simple SDL UI library 9 years ago
cToan.git cToan: Can't Think Of A Name. But it's on... TidusBlade@watermelonaddi... 11 years ago
dbw.git A platform game based on Blob Wars from Paral... 12 years ago
flatwaifu.git portable version of Doom2D game engine 5 months ago
gfxprim.git A simple 2D graphics library with emphasis... jiri.bluebear.dluhos... 3 years ago
h2d.git simple 2d sdl wargame 10 years ago
hammerdown.git OpenGL & SDL programming 9 years ago
jumpnbump.git cute multiplayer platform game with bunnies ansgar-guest@alioth... 12 years ago
k8opentitus.git fork of OpenTitus engine 9 years ago
lispengine.git PicoScheme is a 'drop-in' scripting engine... 8 years ago
ne.git A simple 3d engine 12 years ago
orange-guys-quest.git An old platformer I wrote in Python a long... 19 months ago
poopmup2.git An urban flight simulator game. 11 years ago
qpawn.git SDL + C + Haskell for graphics and events... 3 years ago
roofball.git RoofBall game 12 years ago
scorched3d.git Scorched3D git-svn mirror ("/trunk/scorched... 12 years ago
SDL.s60v3.git S60v3 port of SDL 12 years ago
sdlbotor.git Clone of "The Game Of Robot" 12 years ago
SwashRL.git Yet Another Open-Source Roguelike 12 months ago
tennix.git Multiplayer SDL tennis game 18 months ago
xuni.git A GUI widget toolkit 13 years ago