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Currently, a Query-Explainer (EXPLAIN ANALYZE) TokeParser and DOM constructor.
2007-09-09 Evan Carrollmoved tts to a better place ( I think )master
2007-09-09 Evan Carrollfixed typo with class
2007-09-09 Evan Carrollmoved to, create non-xhtml
2007-09-09 Evan Carrolladded style and header -- considering this largely...
2007-09-09 Evan Carrolladded accessability to the xhtml forms, and html entity...
2007-09-09 Evan Carrollfirst version of xhtml/xml output
2007-09-09 Evan Carrollfixed bug in prior commit now uses build_rows too
2007-09-06 Evan Carrollchanged get_ to build_ the new Moose convention
2007-09-05 Evan Carrollbuild next releasev0.01_02
2007-09-05 Evan Carrollupdated podz
2007-09-05 Evan Carrolladded docs for dom-level
2007-09-04 Evan Carrolladded support for dom-char
2007-09-04 Evan Carrollupdated manifest to show readme fixesv0.01_01
2007-09-04 Evan Carrolladded pod docs for script
2007-09-04 Evan Carrollupdated MANIFEST to include new script suggestion from MI
2007-09-04 Evan Carrollnow works with strict/warnings enabled
11 years ago v0.01_02
11 years ago v0.01_01 First version to hit cpan
11 years ago master