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This is version 6.12.1 of the Inform Library,
Copyright Graham Nelson 1993-2004, David Griffith 2012-2016
Full release notes and instructions are available at

The Git repository is at

Bug reports may be filed at the above Github page, the Inform Bug
Tracker at, or directly with David Griffith

Thanks go to:

Sarganar, David Kinder, Fredrik Ramsberg, Roger Firth, Marshall
Vandegrift, Nathan Summers, Emerick Rogul, Martin Bays, Cedrick Knight,
Jesse McGrew, Nathan Schwartzman, Andrew Plotkin, Vince Laviano
2016-06-13 Ben FinneyMerge tag 'upstream/6.12.1_dfsg.1'master
2016-06-13 Ben FinneyImported Upstream version 6.12.1~dfsg.1upstreamupstream/6.12.1_dfsg.1
2016-06-12 Ben FinneyMerge branch 'wip/packaging/6.12_dfsg.1-1'.
2016-04-16 Ben FinneyMerge tag 'upstream/6.12_dfsg.1'
2016-04-16 Ben FinneyImported Upstream version 6.12~dfsg.1upstream/6.12_dfsg.1
2016-04-16 Ben FinneyFinalise release “6.12~dfsg.1-1”.
2016-04-16 Ben FinneyDocument which components are omitted from upstream...
2016-04-16 Ben FinneyChange the upstream version string to our re-packed...
2016-04-16 Ben FinneySpecify to Uscan the Debian mangling of upstream version.
2016-04-16 Ben FinneyUse the repack program to produce the upstream source...
2016-04-16 Ben FinneyAdd a program to re-pack the upstream source to remove...
2016-04-16 Ben FinneyDeclare “Standards-Version: 3.9.8”.
2016-04-15 Ben FinneyDocument how the source package is built.
2016-04-15 Ben FinneyCreate symlinks for common legacy names for standard...
2016-04-15 Ben FinneyRemove reference exclusively to Z-code.
2016-04-15 Ben FinneyRefine package description.
3 months ago release/6.12.2+dfsg.1-1 Debian release “6.12.2+dfsg.1-1”.
2 years ago upstream/6.12.1_dfsg.1 Upstream version 6.12.1~dfsg.1
3 years ago upstream/6.12_dfsg.1 Upstream version 6.12~dfsg.1
3 years ago initial
3 months ago packaging
2 years ago pristine-tar
2 years ago master
2 years ago upstream