descriptionUnit Testing Framework for Lua
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Lunit is a unit testing framework for lua, written in lua. It provides currently 26 assert functions, 8 type checking functions and a few miscellaneous functions for usage as an easy unit testing framework.
2009-11-05 Michael Rothreleased version 0.5masterv0.5
2009-11-05 Michael Rothfix spelling typo
2009-11-05 Michael Rothrewrote the tests for assert_error_match()
2009-11-05 Michael RothREADME and miscellaneous documentation cleanups
2009-11-05 Tim Harperreadlink on Darwin doesn't take -f
2009-10-15 Steven AertsFix crash in assert_not_typename
2009-07-09 Michael RothNew test function assert_error_match()
2009-07-09 Michael RothFix broken setup/teardown
2009-03-27 Dirk FeytonsDon't use non existing myerror()
2009-02-24 Michael RothFormat user arguments before passing them to string...
2009-02-24 Michael RothLunit script returns an error code on test failures...
2009-02-24 Michael RothBug fix if a test function creates a new variable in...
2009-02-23 Thomas HarningFix lunit readlink usage for Mac OSX
2009-02-23 Michael RothPrepared for public GIT tracking
2009-02-23 Michael RothImported lunit-0.4
9 years ago v0.5
9 years ago experimental
9 years ago master