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dbus-python_: Python bindings for D-Bus

.. _dbus-python:


Online documentation can be found at

There is an incomplete tutorial in `doc/tutorial.txt`__
(if you compile dbus-python with `docutils`_' ``rst2html`` tool installed or
you're reading this document on the D-Bus website, there's also an
`HTML version`__).

__ doc/tutorial.txt
__ doc/tutorial.html

`API documentation`_ is generated if you compile dbus-python with `epydoc`_
version 3 and `docutils`_ installed. An `online copy of the API documentation`_
is also available.

.. _API documentation: api/index.html
.. _epydoc:
.. _docutils:
.. _online copy of the API documentation:

To develop on dbus-python, see `doc/HACKING.txt`__ or the `HTML version`__.

__ doc/HACKING.txt
__ doc/HACKING.html
2008-06-25 Huang PengAdd wrapper for DBusServer.add-dbus-servermasterorigin/HEADorigin/master
2008-01-22 Simon McVittieDon't assume that libdbus only gives method call messag... upstream/master
2007-12-19 Simon McVittiedoc/tutorial.txt: Briefly describe how to use the Qt...
2007-12-10 Simon McVittieUnset release flag, and start NEWS for 0.82.5
2007-12-10 Simon McVittieAdd a maintainer-upload target to the,...
2007-12-10 Simon McVittieVersion 0.82.4dbus-python-0.82.4
2007-12-10 Simon McVittieWhen user sets reply_handler but not error_handler...
2007-10-12 Simon McVittieUpdate NEWS
2007-10-12 Simon McVittieDon't try to make dbus/Makefile from dbus/Makefile...
2007-10-09 Simon McVittieRevert "Make sure extensions are built before docs...
2007-10-09 Simon McVittieDon't distribute COPYING.*, which we no longer have...
2007-10-09 Simon McVittieDon't try to distribute COPYING.AFL-2.1 and COPYING...
2007-10-09 Simon McVittieUse MIT/X11 license as per permission given on the...
2007-10-09 Simon McVittieMake sure extensions are built before docs; get rid...
2007-10-09 Simon McVittieUse non-recursive make for dbus/ to work around types...
2007-10-09 Simon McVittietest/: add some missing copyright headers
12 years ago dbus-python-0.82.4
11 years ago master
11 years ago add-dbus-server