descriptionA graphical control application for the JACK audio server for the GNOME platform
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last changeSat, 29 May 2010 07:57:42 +0000 (29 14:57 +0700)
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This is an application similar to qjackctl, but for the GNOME platform and more emphasis on providing a simple user interface that tries to be as intelligent as possible for figuring out the non-essential parts of the settings. Another focus is look-and-feel.
2010-05-29 Hans Baiermake jack start again if no realtime scheduling is... master
2010-04-03 Hans Baiermake it compile with vala 0.8
2010-01-26 Hans Baierremove posix.vapi in favor of stock posix.vapi
2010-01-26 Hans Baierremove debianization from main repo0.1.1
2010-01-26 Hans BaierMake jackpanel compile with vala 0.7.9 / libprolooks...
2009-05-12 Hans Baierwscript: fix valac version and C compiler Options0.1.0
2009-05-12 Hans Baierwscript: clean up obsolete vala version checking code
2009-05-12 Hans Baierdebian: fix build deps: add jack, remove ppa version...
2009-05-12 Hans Baierdebian/changelog: adapt version to ppa
2009-05-12 Hans Baiervapi-files: remove vapi files needed for vala 0.5.7
2009-05-12 Hans Baiervalac: make it compile with 0.7.2 (ugly workarounds)
2009-05-12 Hans Baierwaf: some workarounds to adjust to vala-0.7.2
2009-05-12 Hans Baierdebian/control: remove redundant and broken dependency...
2009-05-02 Hans Baierdebian/control: fixup-party: maintainer: MOTU, section...
2009-05-02 Hans Baierdebian/copyright: tidy: remove angle brackets
2009-05-02 Hans Baierwscript: bump version, tidy file
8 years ago 0.1.1
9 years ago 0.1.0
9 years ago 0.0.1
8 years ago master
9 years ago hardy-packaging
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9 years ago vala_0_5_7_backport
9 years ago vala-0.7.0
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