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* To install anything:

A) The easiest way:

  1) Put the anything directory in load-path.
  2) Run make from this directory.
  3) Add to .emacs.el:
     (add-to-list 'load-path "/path/to/anything/directory")
     (require 'anything-config)

B) By copying files from anything directory

  1) Put following files somewhere in your load-path:
     - anything.el
     - anything-config.el
     - anything-match-plugin.el

  2) Byte-compile these files

  3) Add this code to .emacs.el:
     (require 'anything-config)
* NOTE to Distribution maintainers:(Ubuntu etc...)

Use only the files mentioned above in 1) for your packages, other files
contained in contrib and extensions directory contain deprecated, unmaintained or
incompatible code or files that need dependencies not provided here.
Most of the features provided in these files are present in anything-config.el.


* NOTE to install optional deprecated library ../extensions/anything-complete.el

Additionaly, if you want to install extensions/anything-complete.el, 
anything-obsolete.el is needed.
So don't forget to add to your load-path the extensions directory. 
You may want also to add anything-show-completion.el to your load-path.
These libraries will be required by anything-complete.el.
WARNING: You will find in anything-complete.el deprecated code that may clash with
some features of anything-config.el, so use it with care.
2017-01-26 rubikitchanything-config.el: anything-c-source-call-source:... master
2017-01-23 rubikitchcontrib/anything-grep.el: remove old GREP_OPTIONS setting
2017-01-23 rubikitchcontrib/anything-grep.el: detect ripgrep automatically
2017-01-23 rubikitchcontrib/anything-grep.el: fontify when grep-highlight...
2017-01-23 rubikitchcontrib/anything-grep.el: anything-grep-filter-command...
2017-01-23 rubikitchcontrib/anything-grep.el: anything-grep-multiline:...
2017-01-23 rubikitchcontrib/anything-grep.el: agrep-return: Bug fix when...
2017-01-23 rubikitchcontrib/anything-grep.el: anything-grep-version: set...
2017-01-23 rubikitchcontrib/anything-grep.el: mention ripgrep (no code...
2017-01-23 rubikitchcontrib/anything-grep.el: update copyright / remove...
2017-01-23 rubikitchcontrib/anything-grep.el: anything-grep-multiline:...
2016-12-18 rubikitchanything-config.el: anything-comp-read: fix error
2016-12-18 rubikitchanything-config.el: anything-comp-read: can return...
2016-12-18 rubikitchanything.el: new function: anything-exit-and-execute...
2016-12-11 rubikitchanything-config.el: anything-comp-read: handle symbols
2016-12-07 rubikitchanything.el: Bugfix: Restore overriding-local-map befor...
7 years ago v1.3.9 Version 1.3.9, mostly bugfixes.
7 years ago v1.3.8 Version 1.3.8 Allow individual...
7 years ago v1.3.7 Version 1.3.7. bugfixes, big cleanu...
7 years ago v1.3.6 Version 1.3.6 Mostly ac-mode improv...
7 years ago v1.3.5 Version 1.3.5 Mostly bugfix, anythi...
7 years ago v1.3.4 Version 1.3.4 - Add hostnames compl...
7 years ago v1.3.3 Version 1.3.3 Mostly bugfixes....
7 years ago v1.3.2 Version 1.3.2 - Add License notice...
7 years ago v1.3.1 Version 1.3.1 - Removed old version...
7 years ago v1.3 Version 1.3
7 years ago v1.2 Version 1.2
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