descriptionLua bindings for the ADG canvas
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A set of Lua bindings based on lgob for the ADG cairo canvas. lgob uses GObject introspection to keep the API up to date.

The adg-lua build system is based on the standard autotools paradigm.

2013-04-18 Nicola Fontanarockspec: using md5 from uploaded tarballmaster
2013-04-18 Nicola Fontanarockspec: first implementation
2013-04-07 Nicola Fontanadoc: added doc for adg-demo included in stock ADG0.1.2
2013-04-07 Nicola Fontanadoc: added adg-lua.tex for adg-demo.lua overview
2013-04-07 Nicola Fontanadoc: improved style consistency of adg-web.tex
2013-04-07 Nicola Fontanadoc: refactored adg-web TeX
2013-04-07 Nicola Fontanadoc: added overview image
2013-04-05 Nicola Fontanabuild: do not fail on missing adg-demo.ui
2013-04-05 Nicola Fontanadoc: updated NEWS
2013-04-05 Nicola Fontanabuild: bumped version to 0.1.2
2013-04-01 Nicola Fontanaadg-web: allow custom size
2013-04-01 Nicola Fontanapiston: the view size is subject to global map
2013-04-01 Nicola Fontanaadg-web: load piston.lua from $(dirname adg-web.lua)
2013-03-31 Nicola Fontanadoc: updated README
2013-03-31 Nicola Fontanaadg-web: allow custom canvas size
2013-03-28 Nicola Fontanaadg-web: first implementation
5 years ago 0.1.2 Added adg-web.lua, a script for...
5 years ago 0.1.1 adg-demo.lua is now in par with...
5 years ago 0.1.0 First release entirely based on...
6 years ago 0.0.1 Initial release. This adg-lua versi...
5 years ago master