descriptionA small linux framebuffer vnc viewer
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2013-03-04 Ali Gholami... fbvnc: mouse wheel, moving visible window and native... master
2012-08-21 Ali Gholami... fbvnc: ignore mouse movements when in nodraw mode
2012-08-21 Ali Gholami... fbvnc: switch to the modified BSD
2011-11-23 Ali Gholami... let c-space stop/start drawing on the framebuffer
2011-09-12 Ali Gholami... draw: variable shifts in fb_val(); update from fbpad
2011-04-16 Ali Gholami... add FB_VAL() as a placeholder for optimized versions...
2011-04-14 Ali Gholami... draw: draw.c is now independent of framebuffer depth
2011-01-02 Ali Gholami... add shift modifier only if k is ascii
2010-12-27 Ali Gholami... use esc-^C for exiting and ^L for redrawing
2010-12-27 Ali Gholami... draw: update from fbpad
2010-11-03 Ali Gholami... simplify vnc_refresh() calls in mainloop()
2010-11-03 Simonas Leleivasend an update request after each vnc message
2010-11-02 Ali Gholami... fix reading cut text message len which is big-endian
2010-08-02 Ali Gholami... rat's right click
2010-08-02 Ali Gholami... handle partial socket read()s
2010-07-31 Ali Gholami... use 8-bit colors by default
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