descriptionA DirectSound wrapper for OpenAL
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Implements a DirectSound DLL by using OpenAL. Effectively, it enables "accelerated" DSound3D by leveraging OpenAL's 3D audio rendering, and enables EAX 2.0 support with OpenAL's ALC_EXT_EFX extension. It can be built as a native Windows DLL, or as a Wine DLL.
2018-10-23 Chris RobinsonSet better context creation attributesmaster
2018-10-23 Chris RobinsonFix for the primary fx slot being set to null
2018-10-22 Chris RobinsonStore source send properties for all possible effect...
2018-08-31 Chris RobinsonAdd missing include
2018-08-31 Chris RobinsonRemove duplicate definitions of LIKELY/UNLIKELY
2018-08-25 Chris RobinsonSpecial-case EAX2's occlusion room ratio
2018-08-19 Chris RobinsonSet the EFX meters per unit with EAX4's context distanc...
2018-08-12 Chris RobinsonReport the EAX last error as settable
2018-08-01 Chris RobinsonDon't accumulate the sends' direct occlusion levels
2018-07-28 Chris RobinsonAvoid type-punning with casts
2018-07-28 Chris RobinsonUse separate lists for playback and capture devices
2018-07-28 Chris RobinsonAvoid invalid enum values
2018-07-25 Chris RobinsonAdd a basic readme
2018-07-24 Chris RobinsonDon't try to destroy a NULL buffer on failure
2018-07-24 Chris RobinsonRemove an old comment
2018-07-23 Chris RobinsonUpdate some flag macro usage
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