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Project Description Owner Last Change
arla.git Arla AFS filesystem 10 years ago
boxen.git Vaporware Multiple Personality Disorder for... 11 years ago
btrfs-progs-unstable/devel.git (deprecated) Btrfs progs developments and... 2 months ago
buildroot.git uClibc cross-compilers and rootfs 9 years ago
castfs.git castfs is a staged-root fuse-based filesystem 10 years ago
ciopfs.git Case Insensitive On Purpose File System 6 years ago
clfswm.git clfswm 3 years ago
diversif.git Concept for a disitributed virtual fs 11 years ago
e2fsprogs.git Ext 2/3/4 filesystem utilities 2 weeks ago
e2fsprogs/SamB.git Samuel Bronson's repository 9 years ago
ext4-patch-queue.git Ext4 Patch Queue 7 days ago
figfs.git FUSE interface to Git (gitfs improved) 9 years ago
fstk.git The git repository of fstk project 8 years ago
fuse-mediawiki.git A FUSE filesystem for editing MediaWiki websites 9 years ago
gstfs-ng.git GStreamer transcoding FUSE filesystem 8 years ago
gstfs.git GStreamer transcoding FUSE filesystem 10 years ago
hlafsm.git HLA macros to make executable FSM language 10 years ago
httpfs.git FUSE-based filesystem for mounting urls ... 11 years ago
libjio.git Journaled I/O library albertito@blitiri... 6 years ago
linux-2.6/btrfs-unstable.git (deprecated) Btrfs devel tree 2 months ago
linux-2.6/lfs.git Log-structured file system for Linux 10 years ago
linux-btrfs-devel.git Linux Btrfs Development 6 years ago
omfs_fuse.git OMFS filesystem in FUSE 10 years ago
podcastfs.git A FUSE filesystem for mounting podcasts kristianrumberg... 9 years ago
Samba.git Samba GIT mirror 3 hours ago
Samba/vfs_proxy.git Proof-of-concept samba4 based caching proxy 9 years ago
teddybear.git Synchronized FUSE filesystem using CouchDb. 11 years ago
tfs.git Team Foundation for Mono 10 years ago