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CLFSWM is a 100% Common Lisp X11 window manager. It can be driven only with the keyboard or with the mouse.
2015-02-25 Philippe BrochardLicense date updatemaster
2015-02-25 Philippe BrochardExpose mode - save root list to prevent root change
2015-02-19 Philippe BrochardAdd an expose mode to present child without changing...
2014-11-05 Philippe BrochardFind free keys instead of incrementing the last one...
2014-11-04 Philippe BrochardHandle correctly multi letters child in expose mode
2014-07-29 Philippe BrochardDo not raise window on each event
2014-04-05 Philippe BrochardDeclare second mode global variables in package.lisp
2014-04-05 Philippe BrochardCopyright date update
2014-04-05 Philippe BrochardDo not remove a child if it's the last child in *root...
2014-04-04 Philippe BrochardLeave second mode when retrieving windows
2014-04-04 Philippe BrochardAdd a menu binding to retrieve existing windows not...
2014-03-04 Andrea De MicheleFix a problem with macro with-timer
2013-12-13 Renaud Casenave... Do not steal the focus on focus-in
2013-12-13 Philippe BrochardAlso remove frame in delete-child-and-children-in-all...
2013-12-13 Michaël CadilhacLeave/enter frames like in spatial move
2013-12-13 Philippe BrochardAssociate child under mouse to expose-child
5 years ago R-1212 1212 release
6 years ago R-1209
7 years ago R-1106 1106 release
3 years ago master