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newLISP version 9.x.x for LINUX, FreeBSD, Mac OSX Solaris and Win32

newLISP(tm) is LISP like scripting language for general programming
artificial intelligence and statistics. 

For more details about newLISP see the Users Manual and Reference in the
distribution file: 'newlisp_manual.html' and for newlisp-tk: 

Code contributions, bug fixes, reports and comments are welcome. New
versions are available at:

See the file CHANGES in the source distribtion for changes over 
previous versions or

New versions in development are available at:

Please contact me via email at:


See the files doc/INSTALL, doc/LOCALIZATION and doc/FILES for detailed 
info or type: 


to discover the current platform and make for Linux, MacOSX, FreeBSD, OpenBSD,
NetBSD and Solaris/SunOS automatically.

then to install with superuser permissions in /usr/bin

  make install

or from a user account if the sudo command is available

  sudo make install

or to install in ~/bin (bin in home directory) without root permissions

  make install_home

see all flavors and platform available for install:

  make help

will list all available platforms and flavors, newLISP can also be made as
a shared, dhynamic library: newlisp.dylib and  newlisp.dll

The file configure is not required, but can be used to discover the
makefile the make utility would use. The file configure has been
included for compatibility with packageing/installing systems requiring
the autoconf/automake system which is *not* required to make newLISP.

Note that for a minumum install only the executable newlisp or newlisp.exe
ion Win32 is necessary. 

On Mac OS X or other UNIX copy  newlisp to /usr/bin or to ~/bin and give
it executable permissions.

newLISP and Nuevatec are trademarks of Lutz Mueller. Files in the newLISP
distribution are protected by the "GNU General Public License Version 3, June 2007". 
For the full text of this license see the accompanying file COPYING in the doc
directory, or the appendix in the file newlisp_manual.html. Documentation files
are protected by the "GNU Free Doumentation License Version 1.2, November 2002".
A copy of this license is also included in the file COPYING.

This and information about lcensing from other contributors to newLISP is
contained in the file COPYING in the source distribution.

See in the doc/ directory of the source distribution

Lutz Mueller, January 2008

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