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* README for fileset-whole
** Headers
*** Purpose

Documentation for fileset-whole

*** History

Begun Tue Feb  1 15:41:10 2011
** How to use it

 * Enable filesets.  They are bundled with recent emacs.  Just put in
   your emacs load sequence,
   : (filesets-init)
   As usual, I recommend Era's my-site-start.el for managing the emacs
   load sequence neatly.
 * Install it.  You'll probably want [[][elinstall]] at
   git://  Having that, just run
 * Customize it.  You don't strictly need to, but you will probably
   want to.  You can do this just by 
   : M-x customize-apropos fileset-whole-commands RET
 * Customize group data.  At the moment, this has to be done manually.
   In the future I hope to provide this automatically.  Again you can
   get by without fully doing this, but filesets this isn't done for
   can't do much that's special.  At least mirror each filesets group
   and add :root-dir to each.
   : M-x customize-apropos fileset-whole-alist RET
 * To get the autoloads, restart emacs or just (if installed my way):
   : M-x load-file 50fileset-whole.el RET
 * To launch any fileset-based command,
   : C-c p
   and you will have a menu of commands.
2013-07-14 Tom Breton... Move init from autoloads to actual load. fileset-whole... master
2011-03-01 Tom Breton... fileset-whole-pick-file now starts at fileset root...
2011-02-14 Tom Breton... Rename filesets-whole-data-get -> fileset-whole-data...
2011-02-14 Tom Breton... New function fileset-whole-get-filelist.
2011-02-06 Tom Breton... Removed a default item; changed docstring.
2011-02-06 Tom Breton... Changed docstring
2011-02-06 Tom Breton... Changed docstring
2011-02-06 Tom Breton... fileset-whole-run-cmd, use prefix arg. New alias files...
2011-02-06 Tom Breton... New default command "retest"
2011-02-02 Tom Breton... Bugfix: fileset-whole-root-dir, return directory even...
2011-02-02 Tom Breton... Added find-file to fileset-whole-commands default
2011-02-02 Tom Breton... Made fileset-whole-name-here permanent so reverts don...
2011-02-01 Tom Breton... New function fileset-whole-init. Moved fileset-whole...
2011-02-01 Tom Breton... New function fileset-whole-cmds-to-menu
2011-02-01 Tom Breton... Changed comments
2011-02-01 Tom Breton... New function to add to filesets menu
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