descriptionBGap: alpha' expansion of disk integrals
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BGap is the computer implementation of the method to compute alpha' expansions of disk integrals described in the paper 1609.07078:

Non-abelian Z-theory: Berends-Giele recursion for the alpha' expansion of disk integrals

by Carlos R. Mafra and Oliver Schlotterer.

If you use this code, we ask you the courtesy of citing 1609.07078

For more information, see the README file.

2016-10-02 Carlos R. MafraBGexpand: More performance improvementsmaster
2016-09-30 Carlos R. MafraNptJregs: Avoid loading weights higher than requested
2016-09-29 Carlos R. MafraBGap: Improve performance at low orders of alpha'
2016-09-29 Carlos R. MafraBGap: A few tweaks on KKTos()
2016-09-29 Carlos R. MafraBGap: Optimization in BiDeconcatenateN() procedure
2016-09-29 Carlos R. MafraBGap: HUGE ~140x performance improvement at higher...
2016-09-28 Carlos R. MafraderiveBG: Add forgotten procedures
2016-09-23 Carlos R. MafraUpdate README with arXiv number, etc
2016-09-18 Carlos R. Mafrapolylogs: New implementation of KobaNielsen()
2016-09-16 Carlos R. MafraInitial release of BGap
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