descriptioncreate Zero Install feeds from Debian packages
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Takes the URL of a Debian package and creates a Zero Install feed that can be used to download and run it.
2011-11-27 Thomas LeonardDownload to a '.part' file and rename on successmaster
2011-05-29 Thomas LeonardAdded dummy Element to avoid 0install type check
2011-04-16 Thomas LeonardAdded explicit dependency on Python
2010-08-12 Thomas LeonardUpdate for 0.49 API
2010-04-24 Thomas LeonardAdded --license option
2010-04-04 Thomas LeonardStrip the Debian "epoch" from the version number
2010-03-30 Thomas LeonardAdded --archive-url option
2010-03-29 Thomas LeonardDisable system store when testing
2010-03-29 Thomas LeonardUpdated documentation
2009-11-15 Thomas LeonardStart development series 0.7-post
2009-11-15 Thomas LeonardRelease 0.7v0.7
2009-11-15 Thomas LeonardGet test data through Zero Install
2009-11-14 Thomas LeonardFixed public URI.
2009-10-25 Thomas LeonardMerge rpm2zero branch
2009-10-25 Thomas LeonardRenamed to pkg2zero
2009-09-25 Thomas LeonardFixed setting of $PUBLISH_COMMAND
9 years ago v0.7 Release 0.7
9 years ago v0.6 Release 0.6
9 years ago v0.5 Release 0.5
10 years ago v0.4 Release 0.4
10 years ago v0.3 Release 0.3
10 years ago v0.2 Release 0.2
10 years ago v0.1 Release 0.1
7 years ago master
9 years ago recursive
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