descriptioncreate a binary release from source code
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0compile creates a binary from source code, either for your own use or ready for publishing on the web through Zero Install. It can use Zero Install to download any build dependencies (compilers, header files, build tools, etc). This is useful if there is no binary for your platform, or if you wish to modify the program in some way. If plash is installed, it can be used to sandbox the build so that it can't accidentally modify any files outside of the build directory. For a full tutorial, see 0compile's homepage.
2015-03-21 Thomas LeonardMoved to
2015-03-21 Thomas LeonardOnly display selected dependencies in autocompile output
2015-02-17 Tim CuthbertsonDon't create empty .git directory when copying sources
2014-11-03 Thomas LeonardStart development series 1.4-post
2014-11-03 Thomas LeonardRelease 1.4v1.4
2014-11-03 Thomas LeonardAdded support for compile:if-0install-version attribute
2014-06-01 Tim CuthbertsonAdd compile:pin-components attribute to version tag...
2013-10-15 Thomas LeonardStart development series 1.3-post
2013-10-15 Thomas LeonardRelease 1.3v1.3
2013-10-12 Thomas LeonardBy default, binaries now inherit their source's license
2013-07-19 Thomas LeonardAdded license to feed metadata
2013-07-19 Thomas LeonardStart development series 1.2-post
2013-07-19 Thomas LeonardRelease 1.2v1.2
2013-07-19 Thomas LeonardPreserve symlinks when copying source to build
2013-07-19 Thomas LeonardWhen building, don't copy subdirectories containing...
2013-07-16 Thomas LeonardAllow "0compile publish" with no DOWNLOAD-BASE-URL
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5 years ago v0.32.1 Release 0.32.1
6 years ago v0.32 Release 0.32
6 years ago v0.31 Release 0.31
6 years ago v0.30 Release 0.30
6 years ago v0.29 Release 0.29
6 years ago v0.28 Release 0.28
6 years ago v0.27 Release 0.27
7 years ago v0.26 Release 0.26
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