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This repository is intended to be a central place for many window maker ( dockapps which were not actively maintained anymore. Suggestions to add more dockapps as well as patches are welcome. Most of these dockapps are very old and can definitely profit from cleanups.
2018-10-05 FliskFix error message spam when no player is runningmaster
2018-09-23 Torrance, Douglaswmshutdown: Bump to version 1.5.wmshutdown-1.5
2018-09-23 Torrance, Douglaswmshutdown: Add desktop entry file.
2018-09-23 Torrance, Douglaswmshutdown: Add icon for icon themes.
2018-09-23 Torrance, Douglaswmshutdown: Include xpm icon in source rather than...
2018-09-23 Torrance, Douglaswmshutdown: Update manpage
2018-09-23 Torrance, Douglaswmshutdown: Update my email address.
2018-09-23 Torrance, Douglaswmshutdown: Add support for suspend and hibernate.
2018-09-23 Torrance, Douglaswmshutdown: Remove support for deprecated Consolekit.
2018-09-11 Doug Torrancewmcalc: Bump to version 0.7.
2018-09-11 Doug Torrancewmcalc: Add desktop entry file.
2018-09-11 Doug Torrancewmcalc: Add icon for icon themes.
2018-09-11 Doug Torrancewmcalc: Use version number from autoconf.
2018-09-11 Doug Torrancewmcalc: Remove unused image files.
2018-09-11 Doug Torrancewmcalc: Use autotools for build.
2018-08-30 Doug Torrancewmcalc: Null-termitate display string when clearing.
8 weeks ago wmshutdown-1.5
4 months ago wmmemfree-0.8
4 months ago wmmisc-1.2
4 months ago asmon-0.72
4 months ago wmifs-1.9
4 months ago wmusic-2.0.0
7 months ago wmmon-1.4
12 months ago wmbattery-2.51
15 months ago wmframepic-0.2
15 months ago wmmoonclock-1.29
15 months ago wmmon-1.3
20 months ago cnslock-1.03
21 months ago wmgtemp-1.2
21 months ago wmgtemp-1.1
22 months ago wmlongrun-0.3.1
23 months ago wmbiff-0.4.30
6 weeks ago master