descriptionModpack of the Documentation System mods for Minetest.
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The goal of this modpack is to make using Minetest and mods easier for both newcomers and advanced users. It makes it easier for newcomers by making help more accessible. It makes life easier for advanced user by making it more convenient to use, by centralizing the help where you most need it: Inside the game. This modpack will also make the life of modder easier by allowing them to add help texts directly into mods (via doc_items).

More information is given in the respective mods.

Overview of the mods:

How to clone (Information for developers)

This repository does not directly include the mods, but as instead.

You can use the following command to clone this repository and get all its submodules:

git clone --recurse-submodules

Consult the Git help to learn more about working with submodules.

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