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Barry is an Open Source application supporting a Desktop GUI, synchronization, backup, restore and program management for BlackBerry devices. Barry is primarily developed on Linux, but is intended as a cross platform library and application set, targetting Linux, BSD, 32/64bit, and big/little endian systems. The main project page can be found at Sourceforge, providing git and tarball and binary downloads. Barry is developed using git as the primary source management system, with updates pushed out to various backup sites, including this git repository and the Sourceforge git tree.
2015-10-10 Chris fixed use of iterator after erasemaster
2015-02-03 Chris Freytools: added unistd.h to for gcc...
2014-04-23 Chris FreyKnownBugs: added note on Desktop's mishandling of birth...
2014-01-10 Chris Freyvformat.c: fixed incomplete base64_init()
2014-01-10 Chris FreyFixed C++ errors and warnings reported by cppcheck
2013-11-18 Chris Freydoc: added notes on debian release versioning
2013-11-07 Chris Freydebian: bumped standards version to 3.9.4
2013-11-07 Chris Freymenu: added new Keywords tag to .desktop files
2013-09-08 Chris Freydoc: added notes for building debian source packages
2013-07-04 Chris Freydebian: added giffgaff chatscripts
2013-07-04 Chris Freyrpm: added giffgaff chatscripts
2013-07-04 matthew vennppp: added chat scripts for giffgaff
2013-06-14 Chris Freydebian: moved note about lack of sync support to README...
2013-06-14 Chris FreyBumped copyright dates for 2013
2013-06-14 Chris Freydebian: added copyrights for the spanish and french...
2013-06-14 Chris Freydesktop: po: added copyright for Nicolas CARRIER to...
5 years ago barry-0.18.5-1 Barry debian version 0.18.5-1
5 years ago barry-0.18.5-1.rc1 Barry debian version 0.18.5-1~rc1
5 years ago barry-0.18.5 Barry version 0.18.5
5 years ago barry-0.18.4-2 Barry, debian version 0.18.4-2
5 years ago barry-0.18.4-1 Barry debian version 0.18.4-1
5 years ago barry-0.18.3-6 Barry debian release, version 0...
5 years ago barry-0.18.4 Barry version 0.18.4
6 years ago barry-0.18.3-5 Barry version 0.18.3-5 (debian...
6 years ago barry-0.18.3-4 Barry version 0.18.3-4 (debian...
6 years ago barry-0.18.3-3 Barry version 0.18.3-3, debian...
6 years ago barry-0.18.3-2 Barry version 0.18.3-2, debian...
6 years ago barry-0.18.3 Barry version 0.18.3
6 years ago barry-0.18.2 Barry version 0.18.2
6 years ago barry-0.18.1-3 Barry version 0.18.1-3 (debian...
6 years ago barry-0.18.1-2 Barry version 0.18.1-2 (for Debian...
6 years ago barry-0.18.1 Barry version 0.18.1 (debian sid...
3 years ago v0.18.x
3 years ago master
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