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tails/cl34r.git Tails with cl34r's changes (mainly Flashproxy... an0n102968@riseup.net 7 years ago
tails/flowerepo.git flower personal Tails repo flowerepo@gmx.com 6 years ago
tails/hyas.git Hyas' personal Tails git repository hyas@riseup.net 6 years ago
tails/kytv.git kytv's mirror of the Tails repository killyourtv@i2pmail.org 5 years ago
tails/lblissett.git tails git fork lblissett@paranoici.org No commits
tails/matsa.git tails' matsa@riseup.net 6 years ago
tails/pzajda.git patrick@zajda.fr 6 years ago
tails/sasenna.git sasenna@autistici.org No commits
tails/tchou.git tchou's personal Tails git repository tchou@riseup.net 6 years ago
tails/test.git tor@451f.org 4 months ago
tails/vicves.git victor.chaves@engineer.com 7 years ago