descriptionACX100/ACX111/TNETW1450 wireless network driver
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Public repository of the ACX driver codebase for collaborative development purposes. Please refer to the project's homepage for information/discussion about this wireless driver for Linux.
2008-08-05 David PlanellaUse the rdtscl call only on x86 achitecturesmaster
2008-07-29 David PlanellaFix remaining build issues for 2.6.25 and 2.6.26
2008-07-29 David PlanellaRe-add build support for kernel 2.6.24 and 2.6.25
2008-07-29 David PlanellaMerge branch 'master' of
2008-07-28 XazZadd build support for kernel 2.6.26
2008-07-27 David PlanellaCreated an INSTALL file, Makefile modifications
2008-07-20 David PlanellaCleanups, Changelog additions, new release numbering...
2008-07-20 David PlanellaProperly add the GPL license
2008-07-20 David PlanellaMove the main config options to the Makefile
2008-07-19 David PlanellaAdd the acx prefix to log messages
2008-07-19 David PlanellaAdded the remaining changes left from the previous...
2008-07-19 David PlanellaMerge branch 'master' of
2008-07-19 David PlanellaRevert "Rename all ACX_IE_* to ACX_REG_*: we talk about...
2008-07-19 David PlanellaReverted refactoring of 'interrogate' cmds to 'query'
2008-07-19 David PlanellaTrivial printk message text fixes
2008-07-12 XazZfix Makefile (remove leftover git conflicts)
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