descriptionA simple, regex-based, just-for-fun Italian-->Portuguese translator
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Aristoteles is a simple, regex-based, just-for-fun Italian-->Portuguese translator. You might not find it terribly useful if you need to translate a real text, but if you understand both languages it could spark a laugh or two.

The idea is that Italian and Portuguese are so similar that you can translate a text just by mechanically applying a number of regex substitutions. Aristoteles is implemented in Perl and it comes with a database of search-substitute regexes. It depends on the Tie::IxHash module.

Aristoteles is licensed under GPLv3.

2009-03-24 Davide MancusiMore new patternsmaster
2009-02-23 Davide MancusiPattern for "[^s]ce\b" matched " ce", too
2009-02-23 Davide MancusiForce input encoding to utf8
2009-02-23 Davide Mancusiaristoteles - a regex-based ITA-POR translator
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