descriptiontools to inspect and manipulate CD/DVD optical disc images
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2013-05-28 G.raudversion/0.3masterversion/0.3
2013-05-28 G.raudchange the package "pretty name" to CDimg|tools
2013-05-28 G.raudNEWS: new section for the next release
2013-05-28 G.raudMakefile: [bug] .git can be a regular file
2013-05-28 G.raudMakefile: install-doc-man: compress the manpages before...
2013-05-28 G.raudautoconf: warn about missing Perl modules
2013-05-28 G.raudINSTALL.NetBSD: new doc of the install procedure in...
2013-05-28 G.raudMakefile: various portability improvements
2013-05-28 more portable usage of sed
2013-05-28 make the sed program from a here document
2013-05-28 state inside comments that GNU sed...
2013-05-28 G.raudMakefile, INSTALL: warn that GNU make is required
2013-05-28 G.raudMakefile: [bug] more portable usage of sed
2013-05-28 G.raudINSTALL: procedure for verifying the signatures
2013-05-28 G.raudINSTALL: binary build of a source RPM/DEB package
2013-05-28 G.raudmanpages: remove the email address
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