descriptioncommon lisp image processing library
last changeTue, 31 Aug 2010 13:54:00 +0000 (31 14:54 +0100)
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- only sbcl supported (support for other compilers unlikely) - will stay very simple - for simulation of microscopes - images and volumes - fouriertransforms via fftw - convolution - reading and writing pgm files
2010-08-31 martinscan of worm works nowmaster
2010-08-30 mkscan with different window radii
2010-08-30 mkthe mosaic scan seems to work now. however 30x30
2010-08-30 mkthe coordinate system should be okay now.
2010-08-30 mktrying to introduce just one coordinate system
2010-08-30 mkadjusted merit-function so that it works with
2010-08-30 mkthere was still a bug because i multiplied with
2010-08-30 mki mixed f and b in the calculation
2010-08-30 mkstarted more sophisticated sampling of bfp window
2010-08-30 mksample-line and sample-circles for denser sampling
2010-08-30 mksome cleanup
2010-08-30 mkthe model can now rotate around a selected nucleus...
2010-08-29 mkfov isn't a good way of zooming. it leads to
2010-08-29 mkdispatching opengl settings via closure is
2010-08-29 mkdraw a bounding box around the sample volume
2010-08-29 mkcentral ray is plotted as well now
8 years ago master