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Fail aims to be a C++, cross platform, OpenGL, full fledged game engine, and fully scriptable in lua. The goal is to provide all the required infrastructure (including an extensible level editor) to automatize most of the grunt work regarding data storage and scripting language bindings.

A framework will also be included that will provide implementation of several, game genre independant sub systems: scenegraph (with a blender exporter), collision system (a wrapper on a third party library, currently ode but I'll probably switch to bullet which is a more active project), and an object persistance database.
No gui system is included because I plan on using Qt + lqt for the bindings, which all can be setup directly from the lua script without additional C++ code here.
The engine is built upon a template based, compilation-time reflection system that allows to easily bind native classes both to lua and a data storage system in an as little intrusive as possible way (which means that the C++ code and class declarations don't have to be littered with obscure macros)

Current status: the reflection system, lua bindings (extensive enough to transparently allow lua implementations of C++ polymorphic classes) and binary file serialization are mostly complete and quite functional.

The scenegraph and collision subsystems are basically working but need to be fleshed out.

The object persistance database is underway.

The documentation is non-existant as of yet.

This is mostly intended as a remote backup of my local git repository for the time being.
2009-06-14 Antoine ChavasseFixed a few issues, everything now works again.idlparser-rewrite-pegtlmaster
2009-06-14 Antoine ChavasseParser: handle const methods.
2009-06-14 Antoine ChavasseParser: build signals.
2009-06-14 Antoine ChavasseParser: build methods and constructors.
2009-06-14 Antoine ChavasseParser: build class hierarchy.
2009-06-14 Antoine ChavasseParser: build attributes.
2009-06-14 Antoine ChavasseThe new parser builds types.
2009-06-14 Antoine ChavasseParser: build enums, structs.
2009-06-14 Antoine ChavasseParser: build flags.
2009-06-13 Antoine ChavasseParser: generate classes.
2009-06-13 Antoine ChavasseMore grammar work, all idl files are now parsed entirel...
2009-06-13 Antoine ChavasseParser WIP.
2009-06-13 Antoine ChavasseGrammar WIP.
2009-06-13 Antoine ChavasseGrammar WIP.
2009-06-13 Antoine ChavasseGrammar WIP.
2009-06-13 Antoine ChavasseGrammar WIP.
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