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Alchemist is a library for run-time generation of (machine) code. It can be used to implement (Just-In-Time) compilers.
2008-05-08 inglorionReally added license. (-:master
2008-05-08 inglorionAdded copyright information and license (LGPL 2.1).
2008-05-08 inglorionAdded doc target to top-level Makefile.
2008-05-08 inglorionAlso removed old structs and declarations from header...
2008-05-08 inglorionRemoved old, unused API.
2008-05-08 inglorionDocumented emit_*_instr functions.
2008-05-07 inglorionAdded some documentation to x86.c.
2008-05-07 inglorionAdded doc directory to x86.
2008-05-05 inglorionInitial import.
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