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This is a small project I use for playing music (mp3, ogg, etc) on a headless computer I have in my stereo cabinet. Many people use their TV as an interface for this sort of thing, but I don't own one. This interface means we can use any of the computers in the house to choose what will get played next.

It can use VLC, XMMS2 or ogg123/mpg321 (via an internal Perl daemon) as a backend for actually playing the music.

The project is very unpolished and probably has lots of bugs! It has no security and does not expect you to log in to choose music to play. This is really just some (very) hackish scripts that have accreted over years, and the code is not high quality.

All of that aside, I'm happy for anyone to use it, and will also accept contributions to it :-)

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