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Run script/ to test the application.
2008-09-07 vtiRecent comments and posts model methods. Tags cloud... master
2008-08-31 vtiFix example yml config file.
2008-08-30 vtiMessing with common i18n modules.
2008-08-30 vtiUsing common modules and templates.
2008-08-24 vtiRemoved unneedable RDBO exported function.
2008-08-24 vtiRemoved obscoleted Helper::Util
2008-08-24 vtiBBCode and CCode to Render model.
2008-08-24 vtiMaking Gravatar modules also as a model.
2008-08-24 vtiMoving Util module to the model.
2008-08-23 vtiDisable debug messages when debug mode is off.
2008-08-23 vtiChanges in acl rules config.mob
2008-08-23 vtiMoved to common perl mods.
2008-08-23 vtiMoved dispatcher to common perl mods.
2008-08-23 vtiUpdated catalyst scripts.
2008-08-23 vtiCommon RDBO I18N system.
2008-08-22 vtiDependencies
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