descriptiondetermine playing style in the game of go
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This repository includes various tools used to analyze Go-players style. Whats here:
    - a tool for database of Go games, whose data structures (like a list of games)
    we use all over the place, read utils/ and utils/
    - a simple wrapper for pachi to work with the games and scan the raw patterns comfortably
    - stuff to work and form pattern vectors from raw patterns (see )
        and to export the vectors as .tab files which can be then used by the Orange Datamining
        toolkit to fiddle around with some machine learning stuff,
All the major files have examples at the bottom and are pretty well commented.

    - if you want to scan the games, you need pachi go engine, instructions below
    - if you want to toy with machine learning stuff, you need the Orange datamining toolkit
        get it from

How to prepare pachi:
run this in some dir (assuming in a parent dir of gostyle - this dir)

$ git clone git://
$ cd pachi
$ git checkout jmhack
# this is a ugly way to make the contiguity feature say the real distance
# instead of a proximity flag it does by def.
$ patch  pattern.c ../gostyle/PATCH_pachi.diff
$ make
# this is necessary, otw pachi segfaults
$ touch patterns.spat
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